Grand Street

In Collaboration with NB JZ

Grand St. (2017) is a short film co-produced by Banyi Huang and Nb Zhong. It is a camp-horror experimental film exploring the visceral experience of engaging with a familiar environment. Using sliding as both a literal movement and a experiential metaphor, the film wavers quickly between the surreal and the mundane; it is committed to depicting the vibrant, fertile, and sensorily-rich haunts of Manhattan New York's Chinatown without exoticizing it.

In addition to the display of actual goods, ubiquitous signs, monitors and screens in the streets channel a sense of subliminal advertising and bodily movement. As we become high on the sheer abundance of things, textures, and sensations, Chinatown becomes a site for playing with alternating states of consciousness. The film also plays with sounds both recorded and found, as a way to evoke simultaneous feelings of eroticism and disgust, similar to the shifting juxtaposition of flesh and food imagery. Grand St. generates a fluid zone between the external space of consumption and the interiority of the subject. By allowing the body to dissolve in the disorienting sounds and imagery of Chinatown, the work participates in the process of dis-orientalization.

Grand St. was shown at the Flat Earth Film Festival (2019), and as a part of PRACTICE X Wind (2018) at Artists Space.